Office Systems Technology (OST)

OST 131     Keyboarding3/2

This course covers basic keyboarding skills. Emphasis is placed on the touch system, correct techniques, and development of speed and accuracy. Upon completion, students should be able to key at an acceptable speed and accuracy level using the touch system.

Prerequisite: None

Corequisite: None

OST 132     Keyboard Skill Building3/2

This course is designed to increase speed and improve accuracy in keyboarding. Emphasis is placed on diagnostic tests to identify accuracy and speed deficiencies followed by corrective drills. Upon completion, students should be able to keyboard rhythmically with greater accuracy and speed. An additional segment will involve the fundamentals of proofreading and correcting the on-screen appearance, format, accuracy, and contents of documents.

Prerequisite: Take OST 131 OST 164;

Corequisite: None

OST 136     Word Processing4/3

This course is designed to introduce word processing concepts and applications. Topics include preparation of a variety of documents and mastery of specialized software functions. Upon completion, students should be able to work effectively in a computerized word processing environment.

Prerequisite: Take CIS 110;

Corequisite: None