Biomedical Equipment Technology

Contact(s): Steven Eury

The Biomedical Equipment Technology curriculum prepares individuals to install, operate, troubleshoot, and repair sophisticated devices and instrumentation used in the healthcare delivery system. Emphasis is placed on preventive and safety inspections to ensure biomedical equipment meets local and national safety standards.

Coursework provides a strong foundation in mathematics, physics, electronics, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, and troubleshooting techniques. People skills are very important as well as the ability to communicate both in written and oral form. A biomedical equipment technician is a problem solver.

Graduates should qualify for employment opportunities in hospitals, clinics, clinical laboratories, shared service organizations, and field service for manufacturers. With an AAS degree and two years of experience, an individual should be able to become a certified Biomedical Equipment Technician.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Assume a lead role in a simulated mock hospital safety committee.
  • Demonstrate competency in biomedical equipment technician knowledge and skills.
  • Demonstrate networking skills by successfully connecting a monitoring system and manage a medical equipment inventory.
  • Perform the duties of a Biomedical Equipment Technician while serving in an intern position in a hospital Biomedical Department.

Additional Information

Applicants should be aware that some clinical affiliates require that students submit an acceptable criminal background check and/or drug screening prior to participation in a clinical component at that site. Students are responsible for paying any costs associated with meeting this clinical site requirement. Progress toward graduation may be jeopardized by any inability to complete the clinical portion of the Biomedical Equipment Technology program.

Background Checks / Drug Screening

Applicants accepted for admission to health services programs at Stanly Community College are required to complete a criminal background check, drug screening, and possibly a finger print check after notification of acceptance and prior to participation in on-site clinical training. Based on the results of the checks, hospitals or clinical affiliates where the student will participate in on-site training may deny access to their facility resulting in the student’s inability to complete the clinical portion of training. Students unable to complete the clinical portion of his or her training will be unable to progress in the program. Students are responsible for paying all costs associated with this requirement.

Biomedical Equipment Technology - Associate in Applied Science - A50100

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
FallCredit Hours
ACA 111 College Student Success 1
BIO 163 Basic Anatomy & Physiology 5
BMT 111 Introduction to Biomedical Field 2
CIS 110 Introduction to Computers 3
ELC 131 Circuit Analysis I 4
ELC 131A Circuit Analysis I Lab 1
 Credit Hours16
ELN 131 Analog Electronics I 4
ELN 133 Digital Electronics 4
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry 3
CTS 120 Hardware/Software Support 3
 Credit Hours14
ENG 112
Writing and Research in the Disciplines
or Professional Research & Reporting
BMT 112 Hospital Safety Standards 3
Social Science Elective * 3
 Credit Hours9
Second Year
BMT 212 BMET Instrumentation I 6
BMT 223 Imaging Techniques/Laser Fundamentals 4
CTI 120
Network and Security Foundation
or Introduction to Networks
MAT 171 Precalculus Algebra 4
 Credit Hours17
BMT 213 BMET Instrumentation II 3
BMT 225 Biomedical Trouble Shooting 3
WBL 112 Work-Based Learning I 2
WBL 115 Work-Based Learning Seminar I 1
Humanities Elective * 3
 Credit Hours12
 Total Credit Hours68

*Please see the Suggested Humanities and Social/Behavioral Science Elective List for AAS Majors webpage.


Biomedical Equipment - CCP

Tuition-waived program for Career & College Promise (high school juniors and seniors)

BMT 111Introduction to Biomedical Field2
BMT 212BMET Instrumentation I6
BMT 223Imaging Techniques/Laser Fundamentals4
ELC 131Circuit Analysis I4
ELC 131ACircuit Analysis I Lab1
Total Credit Hours17