Computer Engineering Technology

Contact(s): Jeff Swaringen

The Computer Engineering Technology curriculum provides the skills required to install, service, and maintain computers, peripherals, wired and wireless networks, and microprocessor and computer-controlled equipment. It includes training in both hardware and software with emphasis on operating systems concepts, data security, and data recovery.

Coursework includes mathematics, physics, electronics, digital circuits, and programming with an emphasis on the operation, use, and interfacing of memory and devices to the CPU. Additional topics may include communications, networks, operating systems, programming languages, Internet configuration and design, and industrial applications.

Graduates should qualify for employment opportunities in electronics technology, computer service, computer networks, server maintenance, programming, and other areas requiring knowledge of electronic and computer systems. Graduates may also qualify for certification in electronics, computers, or networks.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Integrate computer hardware and operating systems to create a functional computer.
  • Install and configure a printer on a computer.
  • Identify the Basic Methodology of the steps in troubleshooting a network.

Computer Engineering Technology – Associate in Applied Science – A40160

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
FallCredit Hours
ACA 111 College Student Success 1
DFT 151 CAD I 3
ELC 131 Circuit Analysis I 4
ELC 131A Circuit Analysis I Lab 1
NOS 110 Operating Systems Concepts 3
SEC 110 Security Concepts 3
 Credit Hours15
CIS 110 Introduction to Computers 3
ELN 131 Analog Electronics I 4
ELN 133 Digital Electronics 4
NOS 130 Windows Single User 3
Humanities Elective * 3
 Credit Hours17
ELN 232 Introduction to Microprocessors 4
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry 3
 Credit Hours7
Second Year
CTS 120 Hardware/Software Support 3
NET 125 Introduction to Networks 3
MAT 171
Precalculus Algebra
or Algebra/Trigonometry I
NET 126 Routing Basics 3
ENG 112
Writing and Research in the Disciplines
or Professional Research & Reporting
 Credit Hours15-16
CSC 139 Visual BASIC Programming 3
CTS 220 Advanced Hardware/Software Support 3
NET 225 Routing & Switching I 3
NET 226 Routing and Switching II 3
PHY 131 Physics-Mechanics 4
Social/Behavioral Science Elective * 3
 Credit Hours19
 Total Credit Hours73-74

*Please see the Suggested Humanities and Social/Behavioral Science Elective List for AAS Majors webpage.

Computer Engineering Technology - CCP

Tuition-waived program for Career & College Promise (high school students)

CTS 120Hardware/Software Support3
ELC 131Circuit Analysis I4
ELC 131ACircuit Analysis I Lab1
ELN 133Digital Electronics4
NOS 110Operating Systems Concepts3
Total Credit Hours15