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The Annie Ruth Kelley Associate Degree Nursing curriculum provides knowledge, skills, and strategies to integrate safety and quality into nursing care, to practice in a dynamic environment, and to meet individual needs which impact health, quality of life, and achievement of potential.

Coursework includes and builds upon the domains of healthcare, nursing practice, and the holistic individual. Content emphasizes the nurse as a member of the interdisciplinary team providing safe, individualized care while employing evidence-based practice, quality improvement, and informatics.

Graduates of this program are eligible to apply to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). Employment opportunities are vast within the global healthcare system and may include positions within acute, chronic, extended, industrial, and community healthcare facilities.

Learning Outcomes

 Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Establish safe, professional nursing behaviors including accountability for entry-level nursing competence as demonstrated by a passing score* on the NCLEX-RN licensure exam as delineated by the rules and regulations of the North Carolina Board of Nursing.

    *=NCLEX-RN does not award numerical scores. Reports only include a pass or fail.

  • Communicate with individuals, significant support person(s), and members of the interdisciplinary healthcare team as demonstrated by a grade of “pass” on the summative clinical evaluation tool described under the nursing domain.
  • Formulate holistic assessments to identify the needs of the individual in order to provide culturally competent client-centered care as demonstrated by a grade of “satisfactory” on the complex patient comprehensive assessment on the clinical prep tool.
  • Utilize healthcare informatics to apply research to practice for evidence-based practice, clinical judgments, and management decisions as demonstrated by a score of “satisfactory” on the evidence-based practice project completed in the capstone course.
  • Create nursing plans of care for clients across the life-span as demonstrated by cognitive proficiency on the nursing caremap in the clinical setting. 
  • Incorporate teaching and learning principles into nursing practice as demonstrated by completing a capstone teaching project with a passing score of 80% or above. 
  • Manage healthcare for clients by utilizing cost-effective nursing strategies, quality improvement processes, and legal/ethical awareness to promote quality outcomes as demonstrated by a “passing” graded clinical performance to prove cognitive and behavioral proficiency of the healthcare domain as described on the clinical summary.



North Carolina Board of Nursing
4516 Lake Boone Trail
Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 782-3211

Mailing Address

North Carolina Board of Nursing
Post Office Box 2129
Raleigh, North Carolina 27602-2129


Phone: (919) 782-3211
Fax: (919) 781-9461


The Stanly Community College Associate Degree in Nursing program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation (NLN CNEA) located at 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20032, 202-909-2526.

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Nursing - Associate in Applied Science – A45110 

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
SummerCredit Hours
HUM 115 Critical Thinking 3
 Credit Hours3
Second Year
NUR 111 Introduction to Health Concepts 8
BIO 168 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
PSY 150 General Psychology 3
ACA 122 College Transfer Success 1
 Credit Hours16
NUR 112 Health-Illness Concepts 5
NUR 212 Health System Concepts 5
NUR 117 Pharmacology 2
BIO 169 Anatomy and Physiology II 4
PSY 241 Developmental Psychology 3
 Credit Hours19
NUR 113 Family Health Concepts 5
 Credit Hours5
Third Year
NUR 211 Health Care Concepts 5
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry 3
NUR 114 Holistic Health Concepts 5
 Credit Hours13
NUR 213 Complex Health Concepts 10
ENG 112
Writing and Research in the Disciplines
or Professional Research & Reporting
 Credit Hours13
 Total Credit Hours69

After satisfactory completion of  NUR 112, students are eligible to apply for Nurse Assistant II with the State Board of Nursing. Note: English and pharmacology courses may require prep courses (those courses numbered below 100) dependent on placement test scores. It may, therefore, require more than two years to complete the associate degree requirements.

Nursing Pathway

ENG 111Writing and Inquiry3
ENG 112Writing and Research in the Disciplines3
or ENG 114 Professional Research & Reporting
Humanities *3
PSY 150General Psychology3
PSY 241Developmental Psychology3
BIO 168Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIO 169Anatomy and Physiology II4
ACA 122College Transfer Success1
Total Credit Hours24
*Please see the Suggested Humanities and Social/Behavioral Science Elective List for AAS Majors webpage.

Annie Ruth Kelley Associate Degree Nursing – Associate in Applied Science

The Annie Ruth Kelley Associate Degree Nursing curriculum provides individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide nursing care to clients and groups of clients throughout the life span in a variety of settings. Courses will include content related to the nurse's role as a provider of nursing care, as a manager of care, as a member of the discipline of nursing, and as a member of the interdisciplinary team. Graduates of this program are eligible to apply to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN), which is required for practice as a Registered Nurse.  Employment opportunities include hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, physicians' offices, industry, and community agencies.

Admission Procedure

Applications are open from January 16th through January 15th each year.

Applicants seeking admission into the Associate Degree Nursing program must complete steps 1 through 5 in its entirety by January 15, 2023 at 5:00pm, in order to be considered for acceptance for the Fall Semester 2023.

Print this admission procedure for your records to track completion of all steps. Refer to the frequently asked questions document found on the College website and your Success Coach for assistance in the application process.

Step 1: Application __________ (date completed) 

  • Submit a completed CFNC SCC Application by choosing the “Fall 2023” enrollment term and “Nursing” as the program of study.  You can access the electronic application from the SCC homepage, and selecting the “New Students Start Here” link.

Step 2: Transcripts __________ (date completed)

  • Submit to the Admissions Office an official high school transcript and official post-secondary transcripts for all institutions attended. Applicants who obtained a GED/Adult High School diploma must submit an official GED/AHS transcript and a high school transcript even if the applicant did not complete high school.
  • Official transcripts must be received in the SCC Admissions Office by the January 15th deadline. Transfer credit will be given for BIO taken within the last 10 years. There are no other time limits on transfer courses within the ADN program of study currently.
  • After the Enrollment Management Office has received and evaluated other college transcripts, applicants may view transfer credit awarded by viewing “My Progress” within Student Planning of Self-Service. For questions related to transfer credits, contact the Enrollment Management Office at 704-991-0212.

Step 3: Complete one course of Biology (BIO 168), Math (MAT 143 or higher), and Chemistry (CHM 090 or higher) with a grade of “C” or higher.  __________ (date completed)

  • Submit evidence of biology, math, and chemistry with a grade of “C” or higher. 
  • It is recommended to use the BIO, MAT and CHEM courses approved by the general UNC articulation agreement. Success Coaches have access to courses which transfer because of this articulation agreement. Contact with your Success Coach is paramount.
  • Applicants wishing to complete these credits at other colleges should contact the Enrollment Management Office (704-991-0212) at Stanly Community College to ­ensure the credits are acceptable.
  • To determine if credit was awarded for these courses, view the “My Progress” within Student Planning of Self-Service or contact your Success Coach.

Step 4:  Prove college readiness.

           AGE-Allied Health Success Coach:  Contact Jesse Martin at, or (704)991-0246

Step 5: Maintain GPA (ongoing)

  • For the applicant that has completed any college level courses taken with SCC prior to admission into the ADN program, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required.

Requirements 1 through 5 must be completed no later than January 15, 2023 to be considered for acceptance into the ADN program.

Step 6: TEAS Testing  __________ (date completed and score)

  • Take the standardized nurse entrance exam, Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS). Only those applicants who successfully complete steps 1 & 4 above will be eligible to take the TEAS exam. Applicants eligible to take the TEAS exam will be notified through their SCC student email account by the Admissions Office regarding TEAS registration. This email will include steps for signing up for the exam. Students are responsible for checking their SCC student email often to meet TEAS registration deadlines. There is a minimal fee for the exam, and it must be taken at SCC. Test scores are valid for a period of two years and must be valid at the time applications are evaluated by admissions.
  • The minimum required score for the TEAS test is 650. It is used as a ranking tool for applicants.
  • TEAS prep courses are periodically offered through SCC’s continuing education division. Contact Rita Love at 704-991-0328 or for upcoming prep course offerings.
  • TEAS scores are not accepted from other colleges/universities.
  • All eligible applicants must take the most current version of TEAS offered at SCC.
  • Students are only allowed to take the TEAS test once for each round of testing. Refer to your TEAS invitation from admissions for available testing rounds offered.
  • The top 60 TEAS scores who have met steps 1-5 will be offered conditional acceptance into the program.

After conditional acceptance is granted by the admissions office, applicants must provide successful completion of the following:

  • Successful completion of HUM 115 (Critical Thinking) course at SCC the summer prior to fall admission.
  • Submit a completed SCC medical form.  The medical form will be mailed to applicants who are conditionally accepted to the ADN program, and must be completed by a physician, physician’s assistant, or a nurse practitioner by the date given on the conditionally accepted letter.
  • Submit evidence of current certification in CPR for the Healthcare Provider endorsed by the American Heart Association.
  • Information about the medical form, CPR and how to submit these documents will be covered in a nursing orientation session.
  • Submit a certificate of satisfactory completion from a DHSR (Division of Health Service Regulation) approved Nurse Aide, Level I program, and current unrestricted certification in Nurse Aide, Level I as listed on the NC Nurse Aide registry ( If an applicant is currently employed as a Nurse Aide Level I but cannot produce a certificate from a DHSR (Division of Health Service Regulation) approved Nurse Aide, Level I program, documentation from the applicant’s current employer that the applicant has spent at least 240 hours providing patient care at the bedside may be submitted for consideration.  NOTE:  Applicants need to verify the NA program can award the certification.  Some one-day programs do not offer this certification; therefore, the course needs to be taken in its entirety. The option to challenge the exam is no longer available.
  • Attend Nursing Orientation held by the nursing faculty. Information regarding the dates for the nursing orientation will be in the mailed acceptance letter.

Applicants accepted for admission to health services programs at Stanly Community College are required to complete a criminal background check and drug screening after notification of acceptance and prior to participation in on-site clinical training. Based on the results, clinical affiliates where the student will participate in on-site training may deny access to their facility, resulting in the student’s inability to complete the clinical portion of training.  Students unable to complete the clinical portion will be unable to progress in the program.  Students are responsible for paying all costs associated with this requirement.


Applicants seeking admission to the Associate Degree Nursing program will be ranked based on TEAS scores and admitted based on rank order. Applicants accepted for admission must complete all admission requirements by the date specified in their acceptance letter. Applicants who fail to complete all admission requirements for the ADN program will be removed from the acceptance list and replaced by applicants on the alternate list.


As vacancies arise on the acceptance list, applicants on the alternate list are contacted in rank order and offered acceptance to the program. Applicants on the alternate list who are not offered acceptance to the ADN program for the year in which they have applied to enter will not be carried over to a waiting list the following year. Applicants must apply each year they wish to be considered for admission into the nursing program. Any concerns about acceptance should be directed to the Director of Admissions or the student’s Success Coach.


Applicants to the nursing program are advised to familiarize themselves with all admission requirements for this program of study.  If an applicant has any questions regarding these requirements, please contact the SCC Admissions Office or your Success Coach for clarification. Note: Admission requirements are subject to change. Please contact the SCC Admissions Office, your Success Coach, or the website for a current list of requirements for your intended year of entry.


Progression policies specific to the nursing program are in the Associate Degree Nursing Student Handbook.

ADVANCED STANDING POLICY (for previously enrolled SCC nursing students only)

Advanced standing policies are in the Associate Degree Nursing Student Handbook. Contact the Director of Nursing through email ( for advising.



1. The nursing faculty must recommend a student as a candidate for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nursing based on academic achievement and professional accountability.

2. The North Carolina Board of Nursing application for licensure includes a criminal background check. Before an individual can sit for a licensure exam (NCLEX-RN), the application process must be completed. An applicant may then sit for the licensure exam; however, an individual may be denied licensure based on a criminal background check. If the individual has been convicted of a felony or any other crime involving moral turpitude, the NCBON may deny that individual a license even if he or she has passed the NCLEX exam. This process is between the individual and the North Carolina Board of Nursing. The nursing program validates only the successful completion of the program.


General education courses may be taken earlier than listed within the recommended sequence, except HUM 115. HUM 115 is a course offered only to conditionally accepted students into the nursing program. Courses with the NUR prefix are required within their respective semesters only and as demonstrated below.


Course Title                                                                                                             Hours Per Week          Credit

Class        Lab    Clinical     Hours

Summer Semester (first year)

HUM       115                          Critical Thinking*                                     3             0             0                3


Fall Semester (first year)

ACA        122                          College Transfer Success                           2              0              0              1

BIO          168                          Anatomy and Physiology I                         3              3              0              4

NUR        111                          Intro to Health Concepts                            4              6              6              8

PSY         150                          General Psychology                                  3              0              0              3


Spring Semester (first year)

1st 8 Weeks

NUR        112                          Health-Illness Concepts                             3              0              6              5

BIO          169                          Anatomy and Physiology II                        3              3              0              4

NUR        117                          Pharmacology                                          1              3              0              2

PSY         241                          Developmental Psychology                        3              0              0              3

2nd 8 Weeks

BIO          169                          Anatomy and Physiology II

NUR        117                          Pharmacology                                         

PSY         241                          Developmental Psychology

NUR        212                          Health System Concepts                            3              0              6              5


Summer Semester (first year)

NUR        113                          Family Health Concepts                            3              0              6              5

Fall Semester (second year)

1st 8 Weeks

NUR        211                          Health Care Concepts                                3              0              6              5

ENG        111                          Expository Writing                                    3              0              0              3

2nd 8 Weeks

NUR        114                          Acute Health Concepts                              3              0              6              5

ENG        111                          Expository Writing                                                                                     


Spring Semester (second year)

NUR        213                          Complex Health Concepts                          4              3              15            10

ENG        112                          Writing/Research                                      3              0              0               3


ENG        114                          Prof. Research & Reporting                         3             0             0                3


TOTAL                    69

*HUM 115 must be taken at Stanly Community College.

Updated 1/10/2022

The Nursing AGE Pathway offers students a place to begin their journey toward a career in Nursing.  The AGE pathway gives students the opportunity to complete all of the general education courses required in the Nursing program.  After completion of these courses, students who choose to continue into the degree program will be able to focus on Nursing specific courses.

AGE Pathway

ACA 122College Transfer Success1
BIO 168Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIO 169Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIO 275Microbiology4
CHM 131
Introduction to Chemistry
and Introduction to Chemistry Lab
or CHM 151 General Chemistry I
ENG 111Writing and Inquiry3
ENG 112Writing and Research in the Disciplines3
or ENG 114 Professional Research & Reporting
ENG 231American Literature I3
or ENG 232 American Literature II
HIS 111World Civilizations I3
or HIS 112 World Civilizations II
or HIS 131 American History I
or HIS 132 American History II
MAT 143Quantitative Literacy3
or MAT 171 Precalculus Algebra
MAT 152Statistical Methods I4
PSY 150General Psychology3
PSY 241Developmental Psychology3
SOC 210Introduction to Sociology3
SOC 213Sociology of the Family3
or SOC 220 Social Problems
Humanities *6
Elective *6
Total Credit Hours60

*Humanities list 

Choose 6 credits from the following:
ART 111Art Appreciation3
ART 114Art History Survey I3
ART 115Art History Survey II3
MUS 110Music Appreciation3
MUS 112Introduction to Jazz3
PHI 215Philosophical Issues3
PHI 240Introduction to Ethics3

*Electives list

Choose 6 credits from the following:
CIS 110Introduction to Computers3
ECO 251Principles of Microeconomics3
ECO 252Principles of Macroeconomics3
POL 120American Government3