Suggested Humanities and Social Science Electives List for A.A.S. Majors

The following lists of courses can be used to satisfy the humanities and social science elective requirements for individual Associate in Applied Science (AAS) programs. See individual degree program requirements for more information.

Note: All classes listed below are not offered every semester. Please see the appropriate semester course schedule when planning your classes. Previous credits from any of the subjects listed below not appearing on the list may be considered for substitution.

Humanities Electives

ART 111Art Appreciation 13
ART 114Art History Survey I 13
ART 115Art History Survey II 13
DRA 111Theatre Appreciation3
ENG 125Creative Writing I3
HUM 120Cultural Studies3
HUM 122Southern Culture3
HUM 150American Women's Studies3
HUM 160Introduction to Film3
MUS 110Music Appreciation 13
MUS 112Introduction to Jazz 13
MUS 113American Music3
MUS 210History of Rock Music3
REL 110World Religions3
REL 211Introduction to Old Testament3
REL 212Introduction to New Testament3
REL 221Religion in America3

Social/Behavioral Science Electives

ECO 251Principles of Microeconomics 13
ECO 252Principles of Macroeconomics 13
HIS 111World Civilizations I 13
HIS 112World Civilizations II 13
HIS 131American History I 13
HIS 132American History II 13
POL 120American Government 13
POL 210Comparative Government3
POL 220International Relations3
PSY 150General Psychology 13
SOC 210Introduction to Sociology 13
SOC 213Sociology of the Family3
SOC 220Social Problems3
SOC 232Social Context of Aging3