Associate in Arts and Associate in Science Transfer Course List


Community College Course Transfer Designation

ACA 122College Transfer Success (AA/AS Required Course) 11
ACC 120Principles of Financial Accounting4
ACC 121Principles of Managerial Accounting4
ART 111Art Appreciation (Humanities/Fine Arts - AA/AS) 13
ART 115Art History Survey II (Humanities/Fine Arts - AA/AS) 13
BIO 110Principles of Biology (Natural Science - AA/AS) 14
BIO 111General Biology I (Natural Science - AA/AS) 14
BIO 112General Biology II (Natural Science - AS) 14
BIO 163Basic Anatomy & Physiology (Pre-Major/Elective)5
BIO 168Anatomy and Physiology I (Pre-Major/Elective)4
BIO 169Anatomy and Physiology II (Pre-Major/Elective)4
BIO 275Microbiology (Pre-Major/Elective)4
BUS 110Introduction to Business (Pre-Major/Elective)3
BUS 115Business Law I (Pre-Major/Elective)3
BUS 137Principles of Management (Pre-Major/Elective)3
CHM 131Introduction to Chemistry (GEN ED: Natural Science)3
CHM 131AIntroduction to Chemistry Lab (GEN ED: Natural Science)1
CHM 132Organic and Biochemistry (GEN ED: Natural Science)4
CHM 151General Chemistry I (Natural Sciences - AA/AS) 14
CHM 152General Chemistry II (Natural Sciences - AS) 14
CHM 251Organic Chemistry I4
CHM 252Organic Chemistry II4
CIS 110Introduction to Computers (GEN ED: Math)3
CIS 115Introduction to Programming and Logic (GEN ED: Math)3
CJC 111Introduction to Criminal Justice (Pre-Major/Elective)3
CJC 121Law Enforcement Operations (Pre-Major/Elective)3
CJC 141Corrections (Pre-Major/Elective)3
COM 110Introduction to Communication3
COM 120Intro to Interpersonal Communication 13
COM 231Public Speaking (Humanities/Fine Arts - AA/AS) 13
CSC 134C++ Programming (Pre-Major/Elective)3
CSC 139Visual BASIC Programming (Pre-Major/Elective)3
CSC 151JAVA Programming (Pre-Major/Elective)3
CTS 115Information Systems Business Concepts (Pre-Major/Elective)3
ECO 251Principles of Microeconomics (Social/Behavioral Sci - AA/AS) 13
DRA 111Theatre Appreciation 13
ECO 252Principles of Macroeconomics (Social/ Behavioral Sci - AA/AS) 13
ENG 111Writing and Inquiry (English Comp - AA/AS) 13
ENG 112Writing and Research in the Disciplines (English Comp - AA/AS) 13
ENG 114Professional Research & Reporting (GEN ED: English Comp)3
ENG 125Creative Writing I (Pre-Major/Elective)3
ENG 231American Literature I (Humanities/Fine Arts - AA/AS) 13
ENG 232American Literature II (Humanities/Fine Arts - AA/AS) 13
ENG 241British Literature I (Humanities/Fine Arts - AA/AS) 13
ENG 242British Literature II (Humanities/Fine Arts - AA/AS) 13
FRE 111Elementary French I3
FRE 112Elementary French II3
FRE 181French Lab 11
FRE 182French Lab 21
HEA 110Personal Health/Wellness (Pre-Major/Elective)3
HIS 111World Civilizations I (Social/Behavioral Sci - AA/AS) 13
HIS 112World Civilizations II (Social/Behavioral Sci - AA/AS) 13
HIS 131American History I (Social/Behavioral Sci - AA/AS) 13
HIS 132American History II (Social/Behavioral Sci - AA/AS) 13
HIS 236North Carolina History (Pre-Major/Elective)3
HUM 110Technology and Society3
HUM 120Cultural Studies (Humanities/Fine Arts)3
HUM 122Southern Culture (Humanities/Fine Arts)3
HUM 150American Women's Studies (Humanities/Fine Arts)3
HUM 160Introduction to Film (Humanities/Fine Arts)3
HUM 180International Cultural Exploration (GEN ED: Humanities/Fine Arts)3
MAT 143Quantitative Literacy (Math - AA) 13
MAT 152Statistical Methods I (Math - AA) 14
MAT 171Precalculus Algebra (Math - AA/AS) 14
MAT 172Precalculus Trigonometry (Math - AA/AS)4
MAT 263Brief Calculus (Math - AS) 14
MAT 271Calculus I (Math - AA) 14
MAT 272Calculus II (Math - AS) 14
MAT 273Calculus III (GEN ED: Math)4
MUS 110Music Appreciation (Humanities/Fine Arts - AA/AS) 13
MUS 112Introduction to Jazz (Humanities/Fine Arts - AA/AS) 13
MUS 113American Music (Humanities/Fine Arts)3
MUS 210History of Rock Music (Humanities/Fine Arts)3
PED 110Fit and Well for Life (Pre-Major/Elective)2
PED 111Physical Fitness I (Pre-Major/Elective)1
PED 113Aerobics I (Pre-Major/Elective)1
PED 120Walking for Fitness (Pre-Major/Elective)1
PED 122Yoga I (Pre-Major/Elective)1
PED 125Self-Defense: Beginning (Pre-Major/Elective)1
PED 142Lifetime Sports1
PHI 215Philosophical Issues (Humanities/Fine Arts) 13
PHI 240Introduction to Ethics (Humanities/Fine Arts)3
PHY 110Conceptual Physics (Natural Sciences - AA/AS) 13
PHY 110AConceptual Physics Lab (Natural Sciences - AA/AS) 11
PHY 152College Physics II (Natural Sciences - AS) 14
POL 120American Government (Social/Behavioral Sci - AA/AS) 13
POL 220International Relations (GEN ED:Social/Behavioral Sci )3
PSY 150General Psychology (Social/Behavioral Sci - AA/AS) 13
PSY 231Forensic Psychology (Pre-Major/Elective)3
PSY 237Social Psychology (GEN ED: Social/Behavioral Science)3
PSY 241Developmental Psychology (GEN ED: Social/Behavioral Science)3
PSY 263Educational Psychology (Pre-Major/Elective)3
PSY 281Abnormal Psychology (GEN ED: Social/Behavioral Science)3
REL 110World Religions (GEN ED: Humanities/Fine Arts)3
REL 211Introduction to Old Testament (GEN ED: Humanities/Fine Arts)3
REL 212Introduction to New Testament (GEN ED: Humanities/Fine Arts)3
REL 221Religion in America (GEN ED: Humanities/Fine Arts)3
SOC 210Introduction to Sociology (Social/Behavioral Sci - AA/AS) 13
SOC 213Sociology of the Family (GEN ED: Social/Behavioral Science)3
SOC 220Social Problems (GEN ED: Social/Behavioral Science)3
SOC 232Social Context of Aging (Pre-Major Elective)3
SPA 111Elementary Spanish I (GEN ED: Humanities/Fine Arts)3
SPA 112Elementary Spanish II (GEN ED: Humanities/Fine Arts)3
SPA 181Spanish Lab 1 (Pre-Major/Elective)1
SPA 182Spanish Lab 2 (Pre-Major/Elective)1