Faculty and Staff

Executive Leadership Team

  • Dr. John Enamait - President
  • Robin McCree – Executive Vice President/COO
  • Kim Bradshaw - Vice President of Administrative Services and Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Heather Hill – Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Myra Furr – Vice President of Student Success/Dean of Students
  • Carmen Nunalee - Vice President of Strategic Planning and Compliance

Faculty1 and Professional Staff

Joshua Aldridge, Program Head, Heavy Equipment Operations
Certifications: Certified Manager of Environmental Safety & Health; Certified Instructor

Melanie Alexander, Success Coach - AGE Allied Health

Amy Allen, Accounts Payable Technician

Erin Allen, Director of Library Services

Garrett Allen – Success Coach, AMIT and Technology

Joel Allen, Director of Enterprise Applications

Jan Almond, Coordinator, Nursing Level I
B.S.N., UNC-Charlotte; M.S., Independence University

Rebekah Almond, Coordinator, Nursing Level II
A.A.S., Stanly Community College; B.S.N, UNC-Charlotte

Merlin Amirtharaj, Associate Vice President of the School of Business & Technology
B.S., University of Kerala; M.B.A., Pfeiffer University; M.S., Bellevue University

Jessica Baker – Success Coach, EDU

Tabitha Bailey, Coordinator, eLearning Student Support

Angel Barbee, Maintenance/Housekeeping

Tiffany Barbee, Program Head, Radiography
A.A.S., Stanly Community College; B.S., East Carolina University

Joshua Barbee, Coordinator, College and Career Readiness, Retention and Transition Specialist

Lorri Barrier, Program Head, Humanities/Fine Arts
B.A., Appalachian State University; M.A., UNC-Charlotte

Devin Baucom, Program Head, Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology
Certifications: HVAC

Phillip Baucom, Designer, eLearning

B.S., Liberty University

William Beaver, Program Head, Welding Technology
A.A.S; Central Piedmont Community College; Diploma (Auto Mechanic), CPCC

Bret Benton, Instructor, Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology (ACI)
A.A.S., Central Piedmont Community College, Certification: Heating Service, Air Conditioning Service

Catherine Biby, Dean of Business Services

Georgia Blackmon, Maintenance/Housekeeping

Ashley Bledsoe, Continuing Education Associate Registrar

Christy Bogle, Executive Director of the SCC Foundation

Donald Bost, Coordinator/Instructor, Correctional Institute
A.A.S; Stanly Community College; Certifications: A+, Cisco I-IV Instructor, Home

Blake Bostic, Dean of Administrative & Facilities Services

Chittachone (Elvin) Bounphengsy, Webmaster

Dr. Melinda Bowers, Coordinator, Adult Secondary Education

Krista Bowers, Economic Development Division Coordinator Level II

Jonathon Bowman, Department Head/Instructor - English
A.A., Rowan-Cabarrus Community College; B.A., UNC-Charlotte; M.A. UNC-Charlotte

Max Boylen, Program Head, Criminal Justice Technology
A.A.S., Davidson Community College; B.S., UNC-Charlotte; M.S., UNC-Charlotte; M.B.A.,

Melody Braswell, Instructor, University Transfer - English
B.S., Wingate University; M.A., East Carolina University

Megan Brehun, Director of Counseling & Special Services

Christi Buchanan, Director, Coordinator, Basic Law Enforcement Training
A.A.S., Stanly Community College; B.S., Pfeiffer University; M.ED., Western Carolina

Heather Burnette, Financial Aid Specialist

Bonnie Burris, Coordinator, Student Information

Darlene Burris, Mentor, Eagle's One Stop

Andre Burroughs, Studio Manager

Layel Burton, Instructor, Machining

Alan Campbell, Coordinator, Academic Support Services

Adam Carriker, Program Head, Simulation & Game Development
B.S., N.C. State University, M.S., N.C. State University; Certification: Photoshop

Kelly Caudle, Program Head, Cisco Academy Support Center (ASC), Instructor Training Center (ITC), VMware Academy, IT Academy and Lead Instructor, ITC
B.A., UNC-Charlotte; M.A., UNC-Charlotte; Information Assurance Cert. - East Carolina

Rita Chrane, Associate Dean of Computer Technologies, Information Technology - Business Support
A.B.A, South Plains Junior College; B.B.A, West Texas State University; M.B.A, West Texas

Mark Clark, Coordinator, Duplicating Services

Dana Craven, Coordinator/Instructor, Nursing Aid Programs
B.S.N., Western Carolina University; M.S.N., UNC-Charlotte

Dr. Tammy Crump, Associate Vice President of the School of Health & Public Services
A.A.S., Central Piedmont Community College; B.S., Appalachian State University; M.S., North Carolina A & T; Ph.D., Cambridge University

Brian Crump, Program Head, Network Technology, Information Technology - Network Management
A.A.S., Stanly Community College; B.S. East Carolina University; M.S. Fort Hays State

Brandon Crump, Instructor, Technology Academy
A.A.S., Stanly Community College

Steve Cumming, Success Coach, Career & College Promise

Kelly Deal, Instructor, Human Services
B.S., Appalachian State University; M.H.D.L., UNC-Charlotte; Certifications: LCAS,

Dr. Cindy Dean, Associate Dean of University Transfer & General Studies
B.A., UNC-Charlotte; M.A., UNC-Charlotte; Ed.D, Liberty University

Laura Denning, Switchboard Operator/Receptionist

Jeff Drake, Chief Technical Officer

BS, Appalachian State University; MA, Appalachian State University; MS, East Carolina University

Terri Dunlap, Administrative Assistant to the VP of Administration & CFO

Greg Edwards, Coordinator, Developmental Mathematics
A.A.S., Stanly Community College; B.S., UNC-Charlotte

Lewis Edwards, Program Head, Fire & Rescue
B.A., Western Carolina University; M.A., UNC-Greensboro: Licensure/Certifications: Insurance (Life, Accident, Health), Blackboard, Moodle, Archaeological Technician

Luke Essex, Counselor, School of Business & Technology, AMIT

Steven Eury, Progam Head, Biomedical Equipment Technology
A.A.S., Stanly Community College; Certifications: Phillips Medical, GE Healthcare, Covidien, Maquet

Petra Fields, Dean of Financial Aid Management

Kara Finch, Program Head, Human Services Technology
A.A.S., Stanly Community College; B.S., Gardner-Webb University; M.A., UNC-Charlotte

Alaina Finney, Instructor, Agribusiness
B.S. University of Mount Olive

Dustin Foley, Success Coach – Allied Health

Adam Foster, Financial Aid Associate II

Glynn Fowler, Instructor, Biology
B.S., University of South Carolina; B.S., Medical University of South Carolina; M.Ed.,

April Furr, Associate Learning Technologist

Jessica Gann, Administrative Assistant, Student Success

Thomas George, Dean of Marketing & Outreach

Josh Gooch, Program Head, Advertising & Graphic Design
B.F.A., Appalachian State University

Taffy Graham, Coordinator, Developmental English
B.A., East Carolina University; M.A., UNC-Charlotte

Claudia Gresham, Program Head, University Transfer, Associate in Science, Associate in Arts
B.A., UNC-Chapel Hill; M.A., UNC-Charlotte

Becky Griffey, Maintenance/Housekeeping

Debora Hagar, Instructor, Computer Technology
A.A.S., Davidson County Community College; B.S., High Point University; M.S., UNC-Greensboro

Angela Hamby, Instructor, Associate Degree Nursing
A.A.S., Stanly Community College; B.S.N., Winston-Salem State University; Certifications:

Donna Hamilton, CCR Coordinator for ESL, HRD, & Career Readiness Certificate

Casie Hamilton, Instructor, Medical Assisting
A.A.S., Stanly Community College

Kim Hammett, Online Coordinator, Criminal Justice Technology
B.A., Wesleyan College; B.S., Wesleyan College; M.S., UNC-Charlotte

Jessica Baker – Success Coach, EDU

Tina Harper, Program Head, Respiratory Therapy
B.S, UNC-Charlotte

Amber Hatley, Coordinator, Clinical Nursing Level I
B.S.N., UNC-Charlotte; MSN, RN, UNC-Charlotte

Colette Hatley, Bookstore Technician - General Merchandise

Jennifer Hatley, Associate Dean of Academic Support Services

Linda Hatley, Instructor, Cosmetology
A.A.S., Stanly Community College; Certifications: NC Board Cosmetologist, NC Board

Gary Hatley, Program Head, Electronics Engineering Technology
A.A.S., Stanly Community College; B.S., UNC-Charlotte; M.S., Bellevue University

Ginger Hatley, Human Resources Technician

Dan Hazlett, Instructor; School of Transfer

Carmella Hedrick, Instructor, Music
M.A., Appalachian State University

Kimberly Herrin, Coordinator/Instructor, Continuing Education Cosmetic Arts
Diploma, Martin Community College; A.A.S., Stanly Community College

Alicia Herrin, Director of Small Business & Entrepreneurial Development

Starra Herring, Program Director, Medical Assisting, Medical Assisting
A.A.S. (MA), A.A.S. (HS), A.A.S. (BA), Stanly Community College; B.S., BSAH, Wingate University

Kristin High, Professional Development Coordinator

Antonia Hill, IT Support Specialist

Zachary Hill, Senior Database Administrator

Donna Hinson, Coordinator, Facility Services

Michael Hinson, Security Officer

Dr. Anne Hockett, Director of College and Career Readiness

Christi Holt, Coordinator, Instruction

Patrick Holyfield, Dean of Enrollment Management & Academic Support Services

Christie Honeycutt, Associate Dean of Health & Public Services, Early Childhood Education
B.S., Wingate University; M.R.E., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.Ed.,

Liane Honeycutt, Instructor, Spanish
B.A., University of Paris III: Sorbonne Nouvelle, France; M.A., University of Salamanca, Spain; M.A., UNC-Charlotte

Dr. Beth Hopkins, Program Head, Social Science, Social Science
A.A., Stanly Community College; B.A., Pfeiffer University; M.S., University of West Alabama; DHEd, A.T. Still University

Christy Hopkins, Instructor, Early Childhood Education
A.A.S., Stanly Community College; B.S., Pfeiffer University; M.Ed., Concordia University

Lorraine Huneycutt, Maintenance/Housekeeping

Wanda Huneycutt, Coordinator, Clinical Nursing Level II
B.S.N., UNC-Charlotte; M.S.N., UNC-Charlotte

Cynthia Huneycutt, Accounts Receivable/Financial Aid Technician

Ann Huneycutt, College & Career Readiness Records Technician

Nick Huneycutt, Instructor, Technology Academy, VMWare vSphere

Billy Huneycutt, Program Head, Collision Repair & Refinishing Technology/Automotive
Diploma, CPCC; Certifications: I-CAR Platinum Technician, PPG Paint Technician Bronze, ASE Master Technician, Car-O-Liner Frame

Melissa Jackson, Program Head, Medical Laboratory Technology
B.S., Pfeiffer University, Certificate in Medical Technology, Carolinas College of Health

Donna Jones, Faculty Communication Manager for Health/Public Services CE Programs

Derek Kent, Instructor, Simulation & Game Development
B.S., N.C. State University; Certifications: Photoshop, Premiere

Marion Kinley, Director of Economic Development

Ollie Lambert, Mentor, Eagle's One Stop

Frank Lambert, Instructor, Networking Technology
A.A.S., Wingate University; B.S., Gardner Webb University

Terry Landis, IT Systems Administrator

Emily Leslie, Success Coach – BUS, COS, ACC, Agri Business

Sylvia Lewis, Director of Business & Career Technologies
B.S., Wingate University; Certifications: CCNA, CCNI

Kim Lewis, Program Head, Pharmacy Technology
A.A.S., Davidson County Community College; B.A., UNC-Greensboro

Roxanne Linnell, Executive Assistant

Reese Linnell, Success Coach Lead - University Transfer

Christa Little, Director of Clinical Education, Radiography Programs

Rita Love, Director of Institutional Research & Planning

Ryan Love, Program Head, Computer-Integrated Machining
A.A.S., Central Piedmont Community College

Mark Lowder, Maintenance/Housekeeping

Michael Lowder, Program Head, Life & Physical Science
B.S., Western Carolina University; M.S., San Diego State University

Heath Luquire, Director of Network Services

AA, Stanly Community College

Rita Lykke-Elium, Faculty Associate, Information Technology

Tamara Maness, Instructor, English
A.A., Stanly Community College; B.A., Catawba College; M.A., UNC-Greensboro

Jeania Martin, Director of Admissions

Mike Martin, Director of Security

Tammi McIlwaine, Associate Vice President, School of Transfer

BS, Gardner Webb University MBA, Pfeiffer University

Terry McManus, Director of Desktop Services

Bobby Measmer, Maintenance Supervisor

Kimberly Miller, Instructor, Sociology
BA, UNC-Charlotte; M.A., UNC-Charlotte

Deborah Monteith, Instructor EMS

Sarah Morrell, Instructor, History
B.S., Appalachian State University; M.A., UNC-Charlotte

Jamie Morton, Success Coach - EDU

Sarah Morton, Cashier

Brigette Myers, Program Head, Mathematics
B.S., Appalachian State University; M.A., Appalachian State University

Lorie Narolewski, Pre-College Success Coach

BS, Appalachian State University; MA, Liberty University

Tanya Nicks, Instructor, Psychology
BA, UNC-Chapel Hill; MA, Western Carolina University

Betty O'Neal, Instructor, Carolina Auction Academy

Cynthia Osborne, Online Coordinator, Early Childhood Education
B.A., UNC-Charlotte; M.Ed., UNC-Charlotte; Certifications: B-K Licensure, Level III

Shelley Osborne, Purchasing Agent

Jeff Parsons, Associate Vice President, School of Advanced Manufacturing & Industrial Technologies
B.S.M.E, UNC – Charlotte, M.S.M.E, UNC-Charlotte

Michelle Peifer, Director of Marketing & Communications

Joe Pollard, Coordinator, eLearning Activities

Cindi Poole, Coordinator, Curriculum Student Records

Austin Poole, Systems Architect

Michelle Poplin, Associate Registrar

Dustin Poplin, Network Manager

Lori Poplin, Director of Human Resources

Melissa Preslar, Financial Aid Associate I

Marcus Pryor, Associate Dean of Students & Career Placement

MA, Montclair State University

Dalton Reeder, Instructor, Accounting
B.S., UNC-Greensboro; M.S., University of Phoenix

Tabitha Ritchie, Coordinator/Faculty Associate, AMIT

Cheryn Rowell, Instructor, Criminal Justice
A.A.S., Stanly Community College, B.S., Pfeiffer Univ.; M.S., East Carolina University

Donna Russell, Bookstore Technician - Textbooks

Mark Sample, Director of Media Services

BA, Elon University; MEd, UNC-Charlotte

Katrina Sams, Small Business Center/Economic Development Division Assistant

Marlene Saunders, Executive Director of College Accountability

Jonathan Schulz, Accounts Receivable Technician

Holly Shaver, Coordinator, CE Healthcare

Jaime Shelton, Instructor, Early Childhood Education
A.A.S., Stanly Community College; B.A., UNC-Charlotte: M.Ed., UNC-Charlotte

Shannon Shepherd, Success Coach – CJC, BLET, HSE

Tammy Shepherd, Coordinator/Instructor, Cosmetic Arts 
Certificate, Stanly Community College; License-Cosmetic Instructor, NC State Board of Cosmetic Art; License, NC State Board of Cosmetic Art

Scott Shew, Program Head, Emergency Medical Science
A.A.S, Catawba Valley Technical College; B.S., Gardner-Webb University; M.H.A., UNC-Chapel Hill

Suzy Shue, Faculty Associate, School of Transfer

April Simpson, Instructor, Mathematics
B.S., Pfeiffer University; M.A., UNC-Charlotte

Ashley Smith, Executive Aide to the President

David Smith, Program Head, Cosmetology
A.A.S., Stanly Community College; Certifications: NC Board Cosmetologist; NC Board

Jerry Smith, Coordinator, Institutional Research

Michael Sperling, Associate Dean, Business & Career Technology
A.A.S., Suffolk County Community College; B.B.A., Northwood University; M.AC.C,

Leigh Stewart, Counselor, School of Transfer & CCR

Casey Stirewalt, Technical Support Technician

Jeff Swaringen, Instructor, Electronics Engineering Technology
A.A.S., Stanly Community College; B.S., UNC-Charlotte; M.S., Bellevue University

Tiffanny Thompson, Associate Registrar, Continuing Education

Donny Thompson, Facilities Service Technician

Brian Treece, Maintenance Technician I

Gena Trogdon, Instructor, Cosmetology
A.A.S., Randolph Community College

Debbie Utley, Coordinator; Student Resources Center - Crutchfield

Tou Vang, Eagle's One Stop Mentor/Advisor

Lydia Vanhoy, Payroll Specialist

Shannon Wade, Coordinator, Graduation & Degree Audit

Gerald Waller, Instructor, Electrical/Electronics Technology & Industrial Maintenance - ACI

Dr. Jacqueline Waltz, Instructor, Biology
D.C. Logan College of Chiropractic; M.S. Logan University, B.S., University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Chassity Washburn, Director, Nursing
B.S.N., UNC-Charlotte; M.S.N., UNC-Charlotte

Gonda Watson, Instructor; Computer Technologies
B.S.C., University of Liberia, West Africa; M.S., University of Strayer, District of Columbia

Blair Whitley, Associate Director, Nursing-Returning LPN-RN
B.S.N., Lenoir-Rhyne College; Graduate Cert. in Nursing Education, UNC-Charlotte

Patty Whitley, Campus Food Service Manager

Courtney Wiley, Faculty Associate, School of Health & Public Services

Dean Witmore, Instructor, HVAC at ACI
A.A.S., Anson Technical Institute

Amy Witschey, Director of Clinical Education, Respiratory Therapy Program
B.S.R.T., Wheeling Jesuit University; Certifications: RRT, RCP