Gainful Employment

Stanly Community College is committed to providing educational opportunities that lead to either employment or transfer to another educational institution.

The Department of Education has mandated effective July 1, 2011 that institutions disclose specific information about programs that meet the federal governments “Gainful Employment Program” definition. Gainful Employment programs are programs that are required “to lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation” in order to be eligible for Title IV federal financial aid.

In compliance with this mandate, SCC provides to prospective and current students a Gainful Employment disclosure at the program level, i.e. all Diplomas and Federal Student Aid eligible certificates. The disclosure links to occupational information, estimated cost of program, program completion percentage within published timeframe, median loan debt and job placement rate for program completers (if available). For statistical validity no data is reported when the number of graduates are fewer than 10.

All SCC programs are available at the Educational Offerings home page.

Diplomas & Certificates

Stanly Community College’s online catalog has the most up to date information. For more information about our Gainful Employment data, and other important information, please visit our Educational Offerings page at