Mission and Strategic Direction


Stanly Community College values students, effective teaching, partnerships, and life-long learning. As an active member of Stanly County, the College strives to enhance the economic, social, and cultural life of the communities we serve by offering learner-centered environments that encourage access, success, and completion.


Stanly Community College will be the gateway for higher education and a positive catalyst for change in the communities we serve by

  • providing quality instruction;
  • being a committed economic development partner; and
  • offering an outstanding customer service experience


  • Students
  • A personalized and holistic approach to student support services
  • Being on the technological cutting edge
  • Excellence, creativity, and flexibility in instructional delivery
  • Being an active workforce and economic development partner
  • Acceptance and diversity
  • The safety and security of the college community
  • Professional development opportunities for faculty and staff
  • Providing an aesthetically pleasing and well maintained learning environment
  • Promoting honesty and integrity in every aspect of the College

Click here to view Stanly Community College's 2018-2021 Strategic Plan.