Mission, Vision & Values


Stanly Community College offers a learner centered environment that encourages student access, success and completion. The College values partnerships, life-long learning, and actively strives to enhance the economic, social and cultural life of the community.

Stanly Community College is committed to:

  • Encouraging diversity and mutual respect that promotes excellence and a free exchange of ideas;
  • Providing quality programs and instruction, through traditional and electronically delivered formats, to prepare students for a competitive, global marketplace and an evolving work force;
  • Providing the foundation for students to successfully transfer to universities and pursue other educational goals;
  • Providing a productive level of technological expertise;
  • Supporting the economic growth and development of the community.


Stanly Community College will be regarded as a student’s first choice for education due to its quality educational programming, innovation and premier customer service.


  • Students
  • A personalized and holistic approach to student support services
  • Being on the technological cutting edge
  • Excellence, creativity, and flexibility in instructional delivery
  • Being an active workforce and economic development partner
  • Acceptance and diversity
  • The safety and security of the college community
  • Professional development opportunities for faculty and staff
  • Providing an aesthetically pleasing and well maintained learning environment
  • Promoting honesty and integrity in every aspect of the College


  • Improving student access, success, progress, and completion
  • Create a culture that embraces and values technology in support of teaching, learning, and administrative processes
  • Enhance college resources by increasing external funding and developing human resource potential
  • Contribute to the ongoing development and growth of Stanly County’s workforce and business/industry groups to compete in the global economic environment and enhance community enrichment through avocational course offerings and cultural opportunities
  • Create a culture that allows the College to make data-informed decisions, demonstrates institutional effectiveness, and that promote transparency in its day to day operations
  • Serve the students and businesses of Stanly County with safe, environmental friendly, convenient facilities that enhance student learning and success

Strategic Plan

In a strategic framework for institutional planning and success, our priorities help us to outline a plan for moving forward. For each priority that we’ve established we set goals that will enable us to accomplish that priority. In order to make sure that we can realistically accomplish our goals we break them into sub-goals or outcomes. Our outcomes are our action plans for accomplishing each goal. Our goals and outcomes are written using the SMART method. SCC’s goals and outcomes are Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Based.

Our priorities, goals, and objectives build upon one another to create the appropriate steps to accomplish our Mission and Vision and live our values. They result in what is commonly known as a Strategic Plan.

Click here to view Stanly Community College's 2015-2018 Strategic Plan.