Student Support Services

Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center is a student support center available to all students to receive the extra assistance they need to be successful. The center specializes in tutoring where trained student and faculty tutors are available by appointment at no charge for students. The center also serves as an academic computer lab for student use. For more information, visit our website at

Writing Center

The Writing Center is housed in SCC’s Learning Resources Center, located in the Snyder Building, and offers face-to-face tutoring options to help students at every level of proficiency. The Writing Center is here to help students become stronger, more confident writers.

Counseling Services

A major role of Stanly Community College is to assist students in making the transition to the College. Individualized counseling sessions may be arranged to discuss a student’s interests, aptitudes, vocational goals, or academic and personal problems. Such conferences are confidential.

Students are encouraged to visit a counselor’s office any time a problem arises that could affect progress in their studies. Counseling services are provided in both day and evening hours.


Upon application to the College, each student in a curriculum program is assigned a faculty advisor who is available to help with situations related to the student’s academic work. The advisor serves as a direct link between the student and the successful completion of the student’s program of study.

Career Counseling/Testing Services

The Counselors at Stanly Community College offer a variety of career services to students including career counseling, interest testing, an educational and career information library, computerized guidance software programs, and career planning services. The goal of the Counselors is to provide services that will assist students in making appropriate academic and career decisions. A career counselor is available for confidential conferences. These conferences are designed to assist the student with career exploration and self-exploration.

Through this process, the student will be able to make a more comprehensive career choice. Students desiring to take an interest test or personality inventory may do so by contacting one of the counselors listed under Counseling. Assessment services include inventories such as the Strong Interest Inventory, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and the Bridges computerized guidance program through CFNC. There is no charge to students for these career testing services.

Disability Services (ADA)

The Disability Services Office provides assistance to applicants and currently enrolled students with documented disabilities including physical, psychological, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD), traumatic head injuries, learning disabilities (LD) and other health concerns. The Disability Services Office is located on the first floor of the Patterson Building in Student Development.  For information about the services available to students with disabilities, please contact the Coordinator of Special Services whose telephone number and email address may be found on the College’s website under Student Resources, Counseling.


The College will not share specific information about your disability with anyone, including faculty, without your permission. This is the law and ethical counseling practice. Each student is asked to sign a release that allows the Disability Services Office to exchange information regarding your disability as needed to provide appropriate educational services.

A student has the right not to disclose specific information about his or her disability to instructors. However, the Disability Services Office encourages students to talk to their instructors about their disability when it is appropriate. Information disclosed to the faculty by the student or the Disability Services Office will not be disclosed to any other individual without the student’s approval.

A Consent to Release Disability Information form must be completed and mailed or faxed to the address listed on the document. This document may be downloaded from this site, or a form may be received by mail by contacting the Disability Services Office.

Admission to Stanly Community College

Persons with disabilities apply and are considered for admission in the same manner as any other applicant. There is no preadmission inquiry regarding disability and no exception to admission policy is made based on any disability.

Qualifying for Disability Support Services

Students with disabilities must contact the Coordinator of Special Services to initiate receipt of services. Students with disabilities must provide appropriate documentation before accommodations can be provided. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the documentation is current, comprehensive, and provided in time for Stanly Community College to arrange for reasonable accommodations. Students should request accommodations at least 60 days prior to the need for the accommodation.

  • In the case of a physical disability, documentation should include a doctor's diagnostic statement, which describes the disability, its duration, and the effect on daily living, a list of medications prescribed, side effects, and recommendations.
  • Psychological documentation from a certified psychiatrist or clinical psychologist should include a DSM IV diagnosis with a description of how the disability affects major life activities, along with medications, side effects, and recommendations. The evaluation must have been performed within the last three years.
  • For students with learning disabilities, documentation should include a written report of a psychoeducational evaluation completed within the last three years. The report should include scores from standardized academic and intellectual testing, plus a statement specifying areas of learning disabilities. Stanly Community College adheres to the guidelines established by the Association of Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) to document a learning disability. Students can find those guidelines at or may receive a printed copy from the Disability Services Office.
  • For an Attention Deficit Disorder, documentation should be a statement written within the past year and include information regarding diagnosis, medication, and any recommendations. Stanly Community College generally adheres to the guidelines established by the Educational Testing Service to document Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Students can find those guidelines at or may receive a printed copy from the Disability Services Office. Please note that the general guidelines published by ETS have been adapted to address the needs of college students.

Services and Accommodations

Services and accommodations are provided as a cooperative effort of the Disability Services Office and various College departments. Services are based on the student's documented needs and determined in consultation with the Disability Services Office, appropriate faculty, and the student. Services and accommodations are under constant review and may be modified or developed to meet the changing needs of students. A new accommodation plan for the student will be developed every semester; therefore, it is extremely important that the student contact the Disability Services Office after registering or preregistering for classes.

Services and accommodations most often used by students include:

  • Academic Support: The Academic Support Center, located in the Patterson Building, is a student support center available to all students to receive the extra assistance they need to be successful.  The center specializes in tutoring where trained student and faculty tutors are available by appointment at no charge for students.  The center serves as an academic computer lab for student use.
  • Counseling: Personal counseling and career counseling are available through the Counseling Department.
  • Equipment: Equipment to assist students who have visual, hearing, or learning disabilities may be available. Please contact the Disability Services Office for further information.
  • Note taking: The Disability Services Office can arrange for note taking services.
  • Parking: Students who are temporarily disabled or physically challenged and who require a special Handicapped Parking Permit should see Campus Police. Permits are assigned on a temporary basis. Individuals with permanent disabilities are required to contact the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles for a permanent tag or rear mirror sign.
  • Priority scheduling: Early registration is available to students whose disability warrants the need for specific accommodations related to courses or classrooms, such as wheelchair access, time coordination, interpreters, or books on tape. Contact the Disability Services Office for further information.
  • Reading services: Students may acquire books on tape from the Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFBD) at Applications are available at the Disability Services Office.
  • Taping of lectures: Students may tape lectures given in class. Recorders may be borrowed from the Disability Services Office based on availability.
  • Test accommodations: Extended time and distraction-free testing rooms are among the accommodations that can be arranged through the Disability Services Office.
  • Tutors: Students are provided information regarding campus tutorials and labs. Individual tutors, when available, are provided for students whose disability affects their academic performance.

Other accommodations can be provided when the student submits appropriate supporting documentation.

Eagle’s 1 Stop

The Eagle’s 1 Stop is an advising center where trained mentors can assist students with filling out admissions applications, submitting financial aid applications, assisting with course registration, and much more. For more information, visit our website at

Job Placement

The Career Planning & Placement Service of Stanly Community College exists to serve the employment needs of both current and former students of the College. As they approach graduation, students of SCC are encouraged to contact the Career Planning & Placement Service for any assistance they may need in locating suitable employment. Placement services available include job referrals, resume preparation, mock or practice interviews, and printed materials covering the job seeking campaign. Currently enrolled students in search of part-time employment may find local job opportunities with flexible hours.

While the College can make no guarantee that each graduate will be placed immediately in a job of his or her choosing, the Career Planning & Placement Service can be an excellent source of job leads and tips that may prove to be helpful in the job search.

Library Overview

The library contains over 20,000 books and audiovisual materials, and approximately 50 journal and newspaper subscriptions. The library also provides 20 Internet-accessible computers. Several online databases, including NC Live, Credo Reference, LibGuides, National Geographic Database, Chronicle of Higher Education, Ovid Nursing and Allied Health journals and ebooks, are also available. These databases offer access to thousands of articles from more than 18,000 journals, newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, and over 200,000 ebooks.

The library’s automated catalog provides access to the holdings of most other North Carolina community colleges, and library card holders may request materials be sent to them through the Interlibrary Loan Network. A librarian is available from 7:30 am -8:00 pm Monday - Thursday and 7:30 am -3:00 pm on Fridays.

Parking and Traffic

All drivers are expected to drive carefully, courteously, and to obey all state and College traffic regulations while on the campus. These include:

  • Observing a speed limit not to exceed 5 miles per hour in campus parking lot areas and the posted speed limit on College Drive.
  • Obeying rules regarding "Handicapped Only" parking. These spaces are to be used by persons who display a properly handicap registered vehicle deemed by the state of North Carolina.

College parking fines are $5 and may be paid in the Business Office, which is located in Room 125 of the Patterson Building. If you believe you have received a parking ticket in error and wish to appeal, you may contact the Chief Financial Officer or the Director of Security.

The College does not guarantee the safety of parked vehicles or their contents and is not responsible for the loss of or damage to any parked automobile or its contents.

When convenient to do so, campus officers will assist with jump-starting vehicle batteries. Due to liability issues, officers do not unlock car doors.

Student Clubs and Activities

Webb Student Center

Students are encouraged to use the Webb Student Center as a place to talk, eat, and relax. The area provides an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to socialize in an informal atmosphere. Individuals who need a quiet place to study should use the Learning Resources Center in the Snyder Building or the Academic Support Center located in the Patterson Building.


Socials, cookouts, and other leisure activities are planned for both day and evening students by the Student Government Association. Each Wednesday from 12 noon until 1 p.m. is blocked for activity hour. Students are encouraged to participate in SGA and/or other clubs and organizations.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is composed of all curriculum students who are enrolled at Stanly Community College. Members are encouraged to be active participants in student affairs and to voice opinions and thoughts through their representatives. All extracurricular activities are coordinated through the Student Government Association. During the spring term the president and other Student Government Association executive officers are elected. One representative is also elected from each campus club. An administrative advisor and faculty advisors serve to assist the Student Government Association with its activities. The Student Government Association sponsors activities that enhance student campus life. Students are involved in school affairs with active participation on various advisory and standing committees.

The President of the Student Government Association serves as an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees. The Stanly Community College Student Government Association actively participates in the North Carolina Comprehensive Community College Student Government Association (N4CSGA).

Clubs and Organizations

Student clubs and organizations are chartered under the umbrella of the Student Government Association and represent a large number of students with diverse interests who are active on campus.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is an honor society that was founded to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. The society awards numerous scholarships and presents opportunities for students to demonstrate excellence in a variety of formats, such as Phi Theta Kappa’s Honors Programs, leadership conferences, and annual conventions. In addition, each member will wear the Phi Theta Kappa gold stole and tassel during graduation ceremonies, will have the gold seal on diplomas, and will receive notation of membership applied to the student transcript. Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is a highly coveted honor that will enrich the student’s life while attending Stanly Community College and will remain a prestigious part of his or her professional life as further education and/or career goals are pursued. Students must earn a 3.75 cumulative GPA, must maintain a 3.50 GPA, and must have completed 15 semester hours of credit at SCC toward an associate degree to be invited to join Phi Theta Kappa.

Food Services

The SCC Cafe, located in the Webb Student Center, provides a wide variety of breakfast and lunch items cooked to order.  There are also vending machines located in each building on campus. Please see the Food Policy for more details.

Health Services/First Aid

The College maintains no health facilities other than first aid kits. The kits may be found in all buildings on campus.

Testing Services

Stanly Community College offers a variety testing services depending on the student’s needs. Below is a comprehensive listing of testing services offered by the College. After determining the specific test they need, students should contact the appropriate department and obtain more information regarding that particular test.

NC DAP placement tests (required for students  entering degree and diploma programs).

TEAS, Test of Essential Academic Skills (required for admission to the Nursing and Radiography programs and offered by invitation only)

Interest tests and personality inventory assessments including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Strong Interest Inventory, the NC CAREERS guidance software program, and the Bridges computerized guidance Program through CFNC .

Credit By Advanced Standing: 

The college recognizes and values knowledge and skills gained in many ways. In addition to completion of credits at Stanly Community College or the transfer of credits from other approved institutions of higher education, Advanced Academic Standing Credit may be earned by any or all of the following methods:

  • SCC Credit By Proficiency Examination
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • Advanced Placement Examinations (AP)
  • Professional Certification
  • Service Related Experience and Training

Students who have gained knowledge and skills through continuing education courses, where no avenue for cross-walked credit exists, or work experiences alone may be eligible for advanced standing credit through the Credit By Proficiency Examination process.

Veteran’s Services

SCC values our students who have served in the armed forces. We offer a variety of services for our veteran students including financial aid support, counseling services through the Veteran’s Center, and a Veteran’s Nook on the Albemarle Campus. For more information about these services, visit our website at