SCC Course Catalog

Limited Enrollment Programs

Some programs at Stanly Community College are considered limited enrollment. This means that the demand for the program is greater than the instructional resources available. For those programs, applicants must meet certain criteria in order to become eligible.

Initial applicants to those programs will be classified as Associate in General Education (AGE) Pathway applicants until they have met the requirements for the limited enrollment program and have been selected. Meeting the requirements does not guarantee admission to the desired program.

The selection process for the following programs are based on the completion date of the requirements, in which applicants are ranked and offered admission based on first qualified-first admitted basis:

Nursing, Radiography, and LPN-RN are Limited Enrollment Programs with additional selection criteria. Once applicants have met the requirements for admission, they are then ranked greatest to least based on their score achieved on the TEAS® test. Admissions staff, AGE advisors and Retention Specialists are available to assist students in the admission process for these programs.   

Please refer to the Stanly Community College website ( for program information, deadline dates, and admission requirements.