SCC Course Catalog

Distance Learning

Online Courses

Many courses and several complete degree programs at Stanly Community College are offered in online format each semester. The student enrolled in an online course has access to the virtual classroom, which is available via the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for flexible access. Students are expected to participate in online courses regularly and will need to meet submission deadlines. Online courses may be asynchronous (class interactions taking place at different times), synchronous (class interactions taking place at the same time, or "live"), or both.

In an online course all lectures and instructions needed for the course are available within the virtual classroom, including links and references to learning materials. (Physical and/or digital textbooks and additional course materials may be required, as listed in the course syllabus and registration information.) Most courses incorporate interactive tools within the course that mirrors the experiences that the student would have in a traditional face-to-face classroom. Such tools include, but are not limited to, pre-recorded video, streaming video, discussion forums, uploaded or online assignments, online quizzes/exams, live chat, and live online classroom/classroom hours. Many online instructors are not located on the traditional campus but they are still accessible through non-traditional formats including email, live chat, or online office hours.

Online delivery is an alternative option that offers flexibility for students who cannot or choose not to attend a traditional face-to-face class on campus. Online courses require the student to be self-disciplined, self-motivated and possess basic computer literacy skills such as typing assignments, navigating the Internet and various software programs. Students will need to plan for regular access to a computer and the Internet to complete online courses. Devices may be available for use/loan through the SCC library and for purchase through the SCC bookstore. 

As with any registration related process, the student should seek the advice of their Success Coach when considering online courses.

Hybrid/Blended Classes

Hybrid classes provide a unique blend of the traditional seated classroom and non-traditional course delivery formats (see Online Courses above). Hybrid courses take advantage of ever-increasing technology, multi-media options, and class scheduling flexibilities. Options may include a mix of face-to-face class meetings with some distance education and/or online formats, or the courses may meet for longer periods on fewer days, including weekends. For hybrid/blended classes, students should plan access and skills using technology similiar to the previous section on Online Courses. 

When considering a hybrid course, the student should seek the advice of their Success Coach to determine if the learning style of the student is conducive to the hybrid course format.